Top Three Drainage Solutions for Flat Roofs

It goes without saying that flat roofs are particularly popular through the country, especially when it comes to commercial buildings. However, it’s also true that they depend a lot on the proper type of drainage of snow melt and rain in order to be able to preserve their integrity. Without this, the water can cause leak and deterioration in the membrane of the roof. With this in mind, these are the three types of drainage systems which are going to work best for a flat roof.

Interior Drains

This system is constructed of drains which are placed at some intervals near the middle of the roof. They take advantage of the internal pipe network of the building in order to lead the water away. They are usually topped by a trainer which is going to prevent debris as well as leaves to get in the pipes. They are great solutions for larger roofs when the water tends to get collected in the middle. They are also aesthetically pleasing because there are no visual components on the facade of the building. However, they could also be a bit more expensive.


Scuppers, on the other hand, are outlets which are placed right on the edges of the roof in order to drain the water away from the building. They are also going to keep the walls of your building dry in order to prevent any moisture accumulation to the foundations. With this in mind, scuppers are particularly cost effective than the previous solutions but they would also work better if the water is directed to them. This is done by the usage of a tapered insulation system or a structure which is rather sloped.


Gutters are rather traditional open pipes which are firmly attached to the edges of the roof. They are going to collect the water as it drains off the roof in order to carry it away. They are usually the most affordable solutions as they can be easily attached to a finished roof without the necessity of any further modifications to the roof. They are also particularly good if you are dealing with the variable levels of snow and rain.

The truth is that you need to carefully decide on the most appropriate solution for the roof. This is usually done by the engineer or the team which is responsible for the building. Furthermore, you need to make sure that the contractor is actually experienced in the installation of these types of drainage systems. You need to make sure that everything is implemented perfectly in order for it to work as intended. Otherwise, you run the risk of complications which are definitely costly. That is why it is important to find a roofing company in Winston Salem NC that can evaluate the drainage requirements and work accordingly. You can subscribe to the monthly or quarterly maintenance program to get the roofs maintained.

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