How Does Commercial Roofing Differ from Residential Roofing?

Roof Repair High Point NCThe average person may be under the impression that most roofs are the same except for the materials they are constructed from. However, there are considerable differences between commercial and residential roofing that you should be aware of. For instance, each one has certain features that are unique to it, such as the way it is designed and installed, as well as its life expectancy. This is especially true when you are comparing a commercial roof with a residential one.

Proper installation and the utilization of high-quality materials by experienced, licensed contractors are required; no matter what type of roofing that you are considering for your particular structure. Furthermore, there are differences in how these roofing systems are warrantied as well. Since no two roofing systems are ever the same, it is imperative that commercial and residential property owners understand what products will suit their specific needs. As well, you must be mindful of the requirements of their buildings or structures.

Basic Differences

Being #1 in the Triad, as a roof repair company in High Point, NC, Beane Roofing offers both commercial and residential roofing services. Consequently, the commercial roofing specialist possesses a specific skill set that a residential roofer may not be accustomed to; while the same holds true for in the opposite respect. Therefore, if you are looking for a contractor to repair or replace the roof on your office building or warehouse, you will want to hire one that specializes in commercial roofing.

Where the basic differences between commercial and residential roofers are concerned, keep the following in mind:

  • Additional time is required when repairing a commercial roof – This is due primarily to the size involved with commercial roofing. Conversely, a residential roof repair job is typically completed quickly, depending on the severity of the damage.
  • Commercial roofs cover a larger area than the roof on your home – Depending on overall size, 2 or 3 individuals can usually install the roof on a home. Whereas an entire team of professionals may be required to complete a commercial roofing job.
  • Extra care is required with commercial roofing projects – There are specific external components that are commonly found with commercial roofing, but not with residential roofing. This includes pipes, smoke stacks, ventilation systems, etc. The commercial roofer must ensure that these cut outs are not only done accurately, but are properly insulated as well.

As a commercial roof repair specialist in High Point, NC, Beane Roofing has been serving customers throughout the Triad since 2002. We also install commercial roofing on new building construction.

Design and Materials

As was mentioned above, the key difference between a commercial and residential roof is the overall size. While residential roofs are normally sloped, commercial roofs have very little slope and are oftentimes flat. Consequently, they require more inspections and frequent maintenance. Furthermore, a flat roof will need to accommodate extra weight such as certain equipment or heavy snowfall. There is less concern regarding these particular issues where residential roofs are concerned.

Another key difference is the cost of the materials involved in commercial roofing versus residential roofing. These will typically vary where the appropriate application, cost, and life expectancy are concerned. While residential roofing offer numerous options and are considerably steeper (more sloped), a commercial roof is flat, or nearly flat, and consists of a membrane or metal roofing materials. In either case, it is always advisable to hire a roof repair contractor in High Point, NC that specializes in either type of structure.

Why Our Company?

No matter what your roofing needs are, we have the skilled professionals to handle any project, large or small. Whether you need a simple roof repair or its time to replace your existing one, you can rest assured that we will pay attention to the smallest of details to ensure that you are satisfied. For more information regarding our extensive line of commercial and residential roofing products and services, please contact Beane Roofing at your earliest convenience. We’re right here waiting to help you get a safe and secure roof.