Is Metal Roofing Better For Commercial Buildings?

If your commercial building requires installation of a new roof, you can consider metal roofing. Though it is a preferred option for residential buildings, many property owners seem to prefer metal roofing in Winston Salem NC. And it is best to get a quote and see if it has additional savings for you.

Though it might be more expensive to install and customize but it turns out to be more cost effective as compared to other roofing materials. Here are some advantages of metal roofing:

Install over old roof: Usually the metal panels are 12” or 36” wide and roofing contractor can install them quickly. These can be applied over existing roof and there may be no requirement to remove that. You might not even need extra structural support to accommodate the metal roofing. The panels need to be installed and secured properly and as it is lightweight, the roofing crew can work quickly.

Resistant to fire: As metal roofs are not a fire hazard, it makes for the perfect roofing material and has a rating of Class A. However, this is only for only metal roofing and if you install metal roofing over wooden shingles, the rating goes down considerably.

Reduced roof pitch: The roof can be installed as per customized requirements, without a chance of leaking and that is why metal roofs qualify for the 3 inches per foot which is the minimum roof pitch.

Conduction of heat: As all radiant heat is reflected, there is low heat gain in the day which in turn reduces the air conditioning costs. To increase the energy efficiency, the air space between the roof deck and the metal roofing helps.

Leak-proof and high resistance: Metal roofing is durable, slippery and designed to interlock properly, which makes it resistant to rain and snow. This ensures that there is no corrosion and after-effects of water.

When you compare metal roofs with other materials, it is clear that most of the other materials have shorter life and repairs are imminent. Chances might be high that you will need to get the whole roof replaced before you even finish the depreciation on it. However, metal roofs last at least 3 times more than any other roofing due to the high tenacity and durability of the material. Additionally, you get a longer warranty on this specific roofing due to its inherent features.

As the owner of a commercial property, your tenants will be more than happy to have a long lasting roof that does not leak nor needs repairs often. You can ask for quotes from the local roofing contractors in Winston Salem NC and select the best contractor to work with. However, don’t forget to check their experience and make sure they are licensed and insured for that is an important qualification to get the best service.

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